What does it mean when a Bible is thinline?

What is a NIV Thinline Bible?

Measuring less than an inch thick, the large print NIV Thinline Bible is the perfect on-the-go Bible to take to church, your Bible study group, work, or travel. Features: Complete text of the readable, accurate and clear New International Version (NIV) Less than one inch thick. Double-column format.

Is there a thinline Study Bible?

NIV, Thinline Bible, Study Edition, Hardcover Hardcover – March 25, 2014.

What is ESV Thinline Bible?

ESV Thinline Bible in Buffalo Leather – Overview

The typesetting presents the main text in two columns. It does not have cross-references (one of the reasons why it can be so thin), but it does include textual notes at the bottom of each page, as well as a concordance and maps at the back of the Bible.

What size is a compact Bible?

Size: 3.9375″ x 6″ 6-point Lexicon type. 1,056 pages.

What are the dimensions of a Thinline Bible?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780310423164
Pages: 1152
Sales rank: 523,155
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

What is a reference in the Bible?

A cross reference is a note placed alongside the biblical text which directs the reader to another place in the Bible where he can find the same thing or something similar. It gives only the book, chapter, and verse without any comment.

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What is the thinnest Bible?

At nearly ½ inch thin, the ESV UltraThin Bible is highly portable and great for on-the-go reading. The Bible text is printed on high-quality, extra-thin Bible paper in an improved typesetting. Additional features include a ribbon, a glossary, and maps.

Do ESV Bibles have red letters?

ESV, Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, Bonded Leather, Black, Red Letter.

Does Barnes & Noble sell Bibles?

Bibles – Specialty Bibles, Bibles & Bible Studies, Books | Barnes & Noble®

Who wrote the ESV?

Textual characteristics

The ESV is derived from the 1971 text edition of the Revised Standard Version. ESV translation committee member Wayne Grudem claims that approximately eight percent (or about 60,000 words) of the 1971 RSV text being used for the ESV was revised as of first publication in 2001.

What should I know before buying a bible?

Here are some tips to consider when choosing which Bible to buy.

Choosing a Bible

  • It’s essential to own at least one Bible in an easy-to-understand translation and one in the version your minister uses in church services.
  • Know the purpose your Bible will be used for, and then choose a Bible that best fits that purpose.