Who was the church of Smyrna?

Who was the leader of the Church of Smyrna?

In On Illustrious Men, Jerome writes that Polycarp was a disciple of John the Apostle and that John had ordained him as a bishop of Smyrna. Polycarp is regarded as one of three chief Apostolic Fathers, along with Clement of Rome and Ignatius of Antioch.


Saint Polycarp
Born AD 69
Died AD 155 Smyrna, Asia, Roman Empire

What was Smyrna known for?

As one of the principal cities of Roman Asia, Smyrna vied with Ephesus and Pergamum for the title “First City of Asia.” A Christian church and a bishopric existed here from a very early time, probably originating in the considerable Jewish colony. It was one of the seven churches addressed in the Book of Revelation.

What happened to the church at Smyrna?

Orthodox Christianity in Smyrna ended as a result of the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–1922. In September 1922, during the events of the Great Fire of Smyrna, thousands of civilians lost their lives and the survivors found refuge to Greece.

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What is the meaning of the name Smyrna?

Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Smyrna is: Myrrh.

What modern city is Smyrna?

İzmir, historically Smyrna, city in western Turkey. The country’s third largest city and one of its largest ports, İzmir lies at the head of the sheltered Gulf of İzmir on the deeply indented coast of the Aegean Sea.

What is Smyrna called today?

Smyrna in ancient times was a very wealthy and powerful city, indeed it vied with Ephesus and Pergamon for influence in the region. Today, Smyrna is located within modern-day İzmir, a city that has almost continuously been inhabited for centuries.

What does Smyrna mean in Greek?

Meaning & History

The name Smyrna was the Greek word for myrrh which was the city’s chief export in Ancient times.

Who were the nicolaitans in the Bible?

The Nicolaitanes are the followers of that Nicolas who was one of the seven first ordained to the diaconate by the apostles. They lead lives of unrestrained indulgence.

What happened to the church of Thyatira?

The city was home to a Christian community from the apostolic period. The community continued until 1922, when the Orthodox Christian population was deported.

What does myrrh stand for?

THERE ARE two traditions. The first, referred to in the carol ‘We Three Kings’, interprets the gifts as symbolising three aspects of Christ’s future life: gold representing kingship, frankincense (worship) and myrrh (death and mourning).

When did Smyrna become Izmir?

After these events, Smyrna’s population changed drastically, as inhabitants fled to their native lands to never return. Years later, on March 28, 1930, the Turkish Postal Service Law made Izmir (the Turkish variation of “Smyrna”) the city’s internationally recognized name.

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Is Smyrna Greek or Turkish?

Smyrna was a major base of operations for Greek troops in Anatolia during the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922). The Greek occupation of Smyrna ended on 9 September 1922 with the Turkish capture of Smyrna by troops commanded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Occupation of Smyrna.

Zone of Smyrna Ζώνη Σμύρνης
Today part of Turkey

What is the history of Smyrna?

Ancient Smyrna was founded in approximately the 11th century BC, first as an Aeolian settlement, and later taken over and developed during the Archaic Period by the Ionians. Smyrna proper was the new city to which residents moved in the 4th century BC, whose restoration to glory was inspired by Alexander the Great.