You asked: Who is the Bible project guy?

Who is the voice in the Bible project?

Tim Mackie PhD in Hebrew Bible, BibleProject Co-Founder | BibleProject™

Who draws for the Bible project?

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Who created the Bible Project on Youtube?

Tim Mackie & Jon Collins – The Bible Project

about how the Bible Project started, their thesis that the Bible is a unified story, P967, and a wide range of other topics you’ve been dying to learn about.

Who is Dr Tim Mackie?

Tim Mackie is the co-founder of the BibleProject, a nonprofit animation studio helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. He is the former pastor of Blackhawk Church in Madison, Wisconsin, and Door of Hope Church in Portland, Oregon.

Where is Tim Mackie now?

He is professor of biblical studies at Western Seminary. He is also a teaching elder at Door of Hope Church, Portland, Oregon. Tim and his wife, Jessica, have two sons.

What version of the Bible does the Bible project use?

The Project is a non-profit organisation. The translation is expected to eventually be published under the name Transparent English Bible. As the abbreviation TEB is already in use for Today’s English Bible, it is abbreviated “TEV” for “Transparent English Version”.

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Where is the Bible project located?

Our Story The Bible Project is a Portland-based non-profit that utilizes short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Is there a BibleProject app?

The app is currently optimized to run on iOS (14+) and Android (5+) mobile devices—and we’re planning for tablet support to be introduced later this year, too.

Who is Carissa on the Bible project?

In part 1, (0-7:45) Tim and Jon introduce the topic and also introduce Carissa Quinn a biblical scholar on staff with the bible project. Carissa is responsible for researching and writing the script for the upcoming video on witness. The group talks about the popular usages of the word witness.

Where did Tim Mackie go to seminary?

Timothy Mackie PhD

Tim discovered the wonderful world of biblical studies and languages at Multnomah University and Western Seminary, and he had the privilege of doing a PhD in Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

How did the Bible project get started?

Where It Began. Combining Tim’s deep biblical understanding and Jon’s passion for visual storytelling, the guys created their first two videos in 2014 and put them online for free. Their idea has now grown into a collaborative, full-time labor of love made up of artists, illustrators, designers, and supporters.