Best answer: How do you cite a Bible project?

Can I use BibleProject videos?

Please feel free to use our BibleProject videos within your in-person service or live-streamed church recording, so long as our videos are less than a third of your recording’s length.

Who Wrote the Bible BibleProject?

Our Story. Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins (long-time friends and one-time roommates at Multnomah University) were tossing around ideas on how to help people read through Scripture while avoiding the common pitfalls and misunderstandings.

Who owns the Bible project?

Jonathan Collins – Co-Founder – BibleProject | LinkedIn.

How do I not read the Bible BibleProject?

Dan shares four key ideas for how not to read the Bible.

The Bible Was Written for Us, Not to Us

  • The Bible is a library, not a book.
  • The Bible was written for us, not to us.
  • Never read a Bible verse.
  • The Bible is a unified story that points to Jesus.

Is there a BibleProject app?

The app is currently optimized to run on iOS (14+) and Android (5+) mobile devices—and we’re planning for tablet support to be introduced later this year, too.

What version of the Bible does the Bible project use?

The Project is a non-profit organisation. The translation is expected to eventually be published under the name Transparent English Bible. As the abbreviation TEB is already in use for Today’s English Bible, it is abbreviated “TEV” for “Transparent English Version”.

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How did the Bible project get started?

Where It Began. Combining Tim’s deep biblical understanding and Jon’s passion for visual storytelling, the guys created their first two videos in 2014 and put them online for free. Their idea has now grown into a collaborative, full-time labor of love made up of artists, illustrators, designers, and supporters.

What church does Tim Mackie attend?

He is professor of biblical studies at Western Seminary. He is also a teaching elder at Door of Hope Church, Portland, Oregon. Tim and his wife, Jessica, have two sons.

Why is it hard for me to read the Bible?

One of the reasons the Bible is hard to read is because of the historical, language, and cultural gap between when it was written and your life today. On a side note, it’s amazing how long ago the Bible was written and it is still changing people’s lives all over the world!

Who Wrote the Bible?

For thousands of years, the prophet Moses was regarded as the sole author of the first five books of the Bible, known as the Pentateuch.

Do I have to read the Bible in order?

The books in the Bible were arranged according to the type of book it is. But this does not mean we have to read it in that order. There is no right or wrong order or way to read the Bible, it is a personal choice.