Frequent question: How can I agree with God’s Word?

How do I agree with God?

Find one of God’s promises for your particular situation. Align your words with His. Then, speak aloud non-existent things as if they were already in existence and work toward them with joyful expectation. As you agree with God’s word, and speak the promise in faith, it can be done.

How can we obey God’s Word?

Confessing your sins daily, repenting against yourself and knowing God loves you and has forgiven your sins daily. Read 1 John and Romans. Visiting a Bible believing, a Jesus and Gospel filled church, a truth loving church and person loving is a great way to learn more about God and meet to people to encourage you.

How do you reflect God’s Word?

Journaling and Note-taking: Some people may benefit from taking notes as they read the Bible. This can help sort out thoughts and highlight important ideas and concepts. Small Group Reading: Working through passages with a friend or a group of people is one way to reflect on God’s Word.

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How can you apply the words of God in our daily life?

One way to practically apply is to include the scripture into your prayers, for example, you would say, “Father, I have need of a vehicle and I stand on your word in Philippians 4:19 for my vehicle in Jesus’ name, Amen.” From that point on since you have prayed, you wouldn’t continue to pray for the same thing.

What is a prayer of agreement?

Prayer of agreement is two or more persons coming together to pray concerning anything. Prayer of agreement is standing as one in prayer as touching anything they shall ask. “There is power in praying together.

What does agree in the Lord mean?

Just to make sure you see this emphasis, Paul was very direct in 2:14, “Do all things without grumbling or disputing…” Agree in the Lord. Let’s focus on this phrase, “agree in the Lord” (ESV). The NIV translates, “of the same mind,” which are the same Greek words as was also urged in 2:1-4.

What are the reasons for obeying God?

8 Reasons Why Obedience to God Is Important

  • Jesus Calls Us to Obey. …
  • Obedience Is an Act of Worship. …
  • God Rewards Obedience. …
  • Obedience to God Proves Our Love. …
  • Obedience to God Demonstrates Faith. …
  • Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice. …
  • Disobedience Leads to Sin and Death. …
  • Through Obedience, We Experience the Blessings of Holy Living.

Why is it important to obey God?

One answer is that God is calling us to obedience and relationship with him through obedience. By obeying his call to take care of this earth we learn more about him and can grow in understanding of his heart and desires for our lives. Obedience also leads to personal growth.

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How do we show God faithfulness?

In addition to public, community worship, being a faithful Christian involves private prayer and reflection. By engaging your community and praying on your own, you can strengthen your relationship with God and live a fulfilling, faithful Christian life.

How do you explain the words of God?

Scripture speaks of “the Word of God,” meaning “the things God has said.” But Scripture also uses the phrase “the Word of God” as a name. Specifically, as a name for Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to reflect on God?

Our hope is that followers of Jesus would be devoting themselves to the study of God’s Word. If we really want to know God, and know what it means to follow and obey him, then we must devote ourselves to the primary means by which he has revealed himself to us – the Bible.

What is reflection in the Bible?

Reflection: Serious thought or consideration. Contemplation, deliberation, pondering, meditation, musing. Did you know that the single most effective thing you can do to accelerate and deepen your spiritual growth is to reflect on the meaning of Scripture in your life?

Why is it important to apply God’s Word?

Lastly, 2 Timothy 3:16 states that God uses his word to train us in righteousness. This reaffirms that God’s ways are higher than ours. Through the Bible, God sets the bar and establishes his standard for all of humanity. God teaches us to live through his strength and grace in the way that he says is right.

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