What is the character of Rebekah in the Bible?

What was Rebekah known for in the Bible?

The Rebekah Narrative

Rebekah secures her role as wife-elect for Isaac by befriending the servant and his ten camels in the famous well scene, which has been called a type-scene—a narrative episode with certain expected motifs that appears at the critical juncture in the life of a hero.

What can we learn from the story of Rebekah?

Favoritism Hurts Families

Another great lesson we learn from Rebekah is the danger of showing favoritism. Favoritism hurts families. Not only that, but we see in the book of James that favoritism is a sin.

What is the story of Rebekah at the Well?

Rebecca went to the well outside her city and encountered a stranger who identified her as the answer to his prayers. The backstory, according to Genesis 24:11–22, is that the aged Abraham wanted a wife for his son Isaac and sent his senior steward to his homeland of Mesopotamia to find a suitable woman.

Why did Rebekah cover her face?

We are told in verse 65 that upon learning that she had her future husband in her sight, Rebekah “grasped her veil to cover herself ” (skttw πy[xh jqtw). An act of modesty, agree most commentators, who also observe that, in fact, veiling is not the normal appearance of a Hebrew married woman.

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Where is the story of Rebekah in the Bible?

The story Rebekah begins in Genesis 24 with Abraham requesting his oldest servant to find a wife for his son: “You shall go to my country and to my family, and take a wife for my son Isaac.” Many people look upon the story of Rebekah as an account of deceit and trickery.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Rebecca?

Meaning:to bind. One of the most important women in the Bible, Rebecca means “to bind” or “to snare” in Hebrew, a fitting description since she tricked her elderly husband, Isaac, into choosing their younger son, Jacob, and not their older son, Esau, to lead the future tribes of Israel.

Is Rebekah the woman at the well?

Jesus’ plan for the nations through these two women

Rebekah meets Abraham’s servant at a well and is asked for a drink of water. And though Rebekah didn’t know it, her “giving of water” was the sign of being the future bride of Isaac.

What did God tell Rebekah about her twins?

8. What does the Lord reveal to Rebekah about her two sons? These two sons will have descendants of separate nations, and one nation will be stronger than the other.

What does veil mean in Judaism?

In ancient Judaism, the lifting of the veil took place just prior to the consummation of the marriage in sexual union. The uncovering or unveiling that takes place in the wedding ceremony is a symbol of what will take place in the marriage bed.

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How old was Rebekah when Isaac married her?

Rebekah’s Age at Her Marriage to Isaac

Since Isaac was twenty-six years old at the time, and forty when he married Rebekah (Gen. 25:20), she was thus fourteen years old when she married (Seder Olam Rabbah 1).

What is the meaning of Genesis 24?

Genesis 24 tells how Abraham sent his most-trusted servant on a journey to find a wife for his son Isaac. The servant succeeds in finding Rebekah and bringing her back to marry Isaac.